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Little Eyes, Big Stories. A Photography Challenge For Children And Teenagers

A Different View

Get your children experimenting indoors and outdoors and get them into the habit of thinking creatively, a habit that will stay with them to help them become fast problem-solvers, more confident, and engaged! Any camera will work: a phone or tablet camera or any point-and-shoot will be enough. 

4 Modules

1. Photography Rules. Know Them And Break Them!

In this module, we will learn about the basic rules that will help you take better pictures. Please don't worry about the word "rule"!

2. Let's Get Creative!

In this lesson, we will learn how to use what surrounds us to help us with our photos. It isn't just about the person or thing you want to photograph!

3. Light And Other Important Stuff

In this lesson, we're going to improve our pictures by taking into account lighting. 

4. Use What You Have

Can we tell a story with a photo? Let's see if we can. 

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